A one stop destination for all Right to Information (RTI) matters
A one stop destination for all Right to Information (RTI) matters

Appellant: Information with regard to transfer of Marketing Executives was not provided - Respondent: No rotational transfers are mandated for Marketing Executives; If they do not function well, they can be transferred - CIC: No intervention required     Right to Information Act 2005    Information pertaining to the Executive Trainee Examination, 2012 by NTPC was sought - CIC: The recruitment process has been cancelled; hence, the marks obtained by the candidate in the interview can be disclosed to the appellant     Right to Information Act 2005    Part information regarding vacancies for the post of MATE SS was not provided - Complainant did not wish to pursue the matter or press any action against the Respondent office - CIC expressed serious displeasure over the conduct of the then & present PIO     Right to Information Act 2005    Information about the delivery certificate of Speed Post Consignment was sought - CIC suggested to the respondent authority that if they need to call it as a speed post service then the information should also be given in a speedy manner     Right to Information Act 2005    Copies of agenda of meetings held by Executives of Dargah Committee, Dargah Khwaja Saheb, Ajmer; Copies of communication regarding demolition of the door of Garib Navaz Restaurant etc. was sought - CIC: Inspection of concerned files ordered     Right to Information Act 2005    When it was enquired as to why the transfer of RTI application was effected after a period of more than three months of receipt of the said RTI application, the PIO could not give a satisfactory reply - CIC issued a strict warning for such late transfer     Right to Information Act 2005    Vijai Sharma and K V Chowdary appointed as CIC and CVC respectively     Right to Information Act 2005    Is the Mysore Police Commissioner’s office coming up without plan approval?     Right to Information Act 2005    No action taken against the illegal massage parlours or spas in Goa     Right to Information Act 2005    Are there norms about the fee a school should charge and the facilities it offers?     Right to Information Act 2005    There is only 1 primary health centre per 28 villages of UP     Right to Information Act 2005    Services of all OSDs / Consultants terminated by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai     Right to Information Act 2005    What are "human rights violations" under the RTI Act, 2005?     Right to Information Act 2005    Has the Indian judiciary been lax in its implementation of the RTI Act, 2005?     Right to Information Act 2005    CIC upholds GoI's decision to keep Naga Accord confidential in public interest     Right to Information Act 2005   

1.     Dr. (Mrs.) Anuradha Verma

All the contents appearing in the site have been written, compiled, and collected by Dr. (Mrs.) Anuradha Verma to which this site owes its thanks.

She is a post graduate in Zoology and her PhD thesis work “Impact of Tourism on the Ecology and Large Mammals of Pench National Park” has been widely acclaimed.

Her column “DATE WITH RTI” is perhaps the longest running regular column on the subject which debuted in the year 2008 in the site whispersinthecorridors.com. This column discusses one CIC order every Monday and is also a part of the monthly magazine by the same name.

She has co-authored the book “Right to Information – Law and Practice” published by M/s Taxmann, New Delhi which has been widely appreciated and its second edition has been released. Her recent book “PIO’s guide to RTI” has been published in September 2011 by the same publisher and has been well received by the readers. She has a new dimension to the RTI Act by analysing it from different angles based on the need of the users thereby giving a sectoral look to it.

She is working at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore looking exclusively after the RTI matters since May 2010. She has published many analytical studies and is conducting training for many organisations. She also provides consultancy on RTI matters to individuals and organisations.

2.     M/s InfoBeans

The site owes special thanks to M/s InfoBeans, particularly Mr Siddharth Sethi, Mr. Rajagopalan Kannan and Mr Ashish Jain who deserve applaud for the pains taken by them in creating the site. It is due to their efforts that you are able to see the site on the screen. They are the persons responsible for the “wow” effect.

3.     M/s Taxmann

M/s Taxmann, (New Delhi) is a leading publisher of India and has been a constant support in all the academic endeavours. Some of the material in the site is based on the book “PIO’s guide to RTI” for which the readers may also refer to the original publication.