A one stop destination for all Right to Information (RTI) matters
A one stop destination for all Right to Information (RTI) matters

CIC referred to Section 24(1) & observed that the Third party is not being called for his comments u/s 19(4) as there is apparent proof of corruption against him - PIO (DRDO) was directed to provide point wise information as available on record     Right to Information Act 2005    The basis of ouster from Navy was sought by a trainee - CIC issued an advisory to the Chief of the Naval Staff u/s 25(5) to take appropriate steps for developing better coordination amongst different CPIOs for timely disposal of RTI applications     Right to Information Act 2005    The effective date of appellant’s promotion to EE after compliance of CAT order was sought - CIC took a very adverse view of non-application of mind by the Respondent in transferring the RTI Application when the information sought was available with them     Right to Information Act 2005    Information pertaining to the Peace Accord between GoI & NSCN (IM) was denied u/s 8(1)(a) - Appellant: No reasons were furnished as to how the disclosure of the information would adversely affect the Security interests of the country - CIC : Denial upheld     Right to Information Act 2005    CIC: File notings in vigilance files cannot be disclosed as they amount to information confidentially held by the Public Authority & thereby come within the scope of Section 11(1) read with Section 2(n) of Act; exempt as per Section 8(1)(g) of Act     Right to Information Act 2005    CIC noted that in another matter, the respondent informed that the RTI application & the first appeal were not received by them - CIC directed the FAA to inquire into whether the RTI application was received and the IPO attached was encashed     Right to Information Act 2005    Vijai Sharma and K V Chowdary appointed as CIC and CVC respectively     Right to Information Act 2005    Is the Mysore Police Commissioner’s office coming up without plan approval?     Right to Information Act 2005    No action taken against the illegal massage parlours or spas in Goa     Right to Information Act 2005    Are there norms about the fee a school should charge and the facilities it offers?     Right to Information Act 2005    There is only 1 primary health centre per 28 villages of UP     Right to Information Act 2005    Services of all OSDs / Consultants terminated by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai     Right to Information Act 2005    समाज व्यवस्था की सुध लेने का प्रयत्न     Right to Information Act 2005    How much cash did the Political parties have in hand prior to the demonetisation?     Right to Information Act 2005    PM: People have a right to know where the funds of the political parties are coming from     Right to Information Act 2005   

Case Laws

February 3, 2017
Details relating to encroachment drive were denied claiming that the records are not untraceable - CIC: This showed an attitude of apathy; Make a genuine effort to trace the records; submit an affidavit that no such records are available in 30 days...more>>
February 1, 2017
UPSC - The process of recruitment of Principal is incomplete as the matter is sub-judice; CAT had directed the UPSC to keep the result of one candidate in a sealed cover & not to disclose the same without the leave of the Tribunal - CIC: Denial upheld ...more>>

January 30, 2017
Information about the eligibility for membership of CSOI - DoPT: Membership is open to serving & retired officers of the grade of Deputy Secretary to the GoI & above from AIS & Group ‘A’ officers of equivalent status - CIC: Provide complete information ...more>>
January 28, 2017
Information about de-reservation of a vacancy reserved for the OBC - CIC: Information in respect of point no. 3 of the RTI application was wrongly denied as the SC order (SLP No. 16870/2012, 16871/2012 & 16872/2012) does not apply to the present case...more>>

January 26, 2017
Information regarding permit to import small quantities of insecticides for test & trial was denied u/s 8 (1) (d) - CIC: Appellant’s allegation regarding release of the insecticides into the market cannot be treated as the ground of larger public interest...more>>
January 24, 2017
The PIO did not transfer the said RTI application u/s 6(3) of the RTI Act to the concerned PIO - CIC issued a Show Cause Notice to the then CPIO to explain why action u/s 20(1) of the RTI Act should not be taken against him...more>>


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January 20, 2017
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